Maintenance of Solar Plants

“Solar generation drops to nearly 30% if not cleaned and maintained regularly” Solar power plant is the most economical way of producing electricity. With 300 sunny days in India, we have abundant solar irradiation to produce enough electricity meet our energy demand. We need to maintain the solar power plant to get the maximum output […]

Tilt Angle of Solar Plant – All you must Know

“A correct tilt angle improves the performance of the solar plant by 25%” Basics of Tilt angle Tilt angle of solar panel is the optimum angle at which solar panel is tilted in south direction to get maximum sunlight throughout year. Solar panel should always face true south for location which falls in Northern hemisphere […]

Solar Plant Corrosion: You must know

Installing solar plant near coastal area is always a concern for the solar installer. Choosing right kind of material which resists all kinds of corrosion is the key for the successful running of solar plant for a longer periods. Corrosion is nothing but the degradation of metal parts due to chemical or electro-chemical reaction. It […]

How to reduce your electricity bill to minimum?

The cost of electricity is increasing every year. Electricity bill is the major chunk of monthly expenses. In metro and Tier 3 cities the average cost of electricity is around Rs 10/ unit. This cost includes energy charges as well as all other charges such as wheeling charges, fuel adjustment charges, cross subsidy charges, regulatory […]

Demystifying Anti islanding feature of Solar Inverter

Solar inverter is the heart of any solar system. It converts your DC power generated from solar PV panels into usable AC power. It is inverter’s smart feature that keeps electricity distribution system protected from external disturbances from Solar side. It is the connecting point between AC utility network grid and DC Solar PV plant. […]

Earthing of Solar Plant – A critical element of the Solar PV system

“Outage of Solar Plant due to earthing may result into 100% revenue loss” What is Electrical Earthing? Any metal body which is not intended to carry electric current such as metal enclosure, equipment body is connected to earth (ground) through conducting wire is called earthing or grounding. Why we should do earthing of electrical system? […]

What is the process of solar panel installation?

Solar panel installation is the process of mounting solar panels on a structure so that they can convert sunlight into electricity. The process can be broken down into the following steps: 1. Site assessment. The first step is to assess the site for solar panel installation. This includes determining the amount of sunlight the site […]

Tips on Solar Plant Maintenance

Here are some tips on solar plant maintenance: Clean solar panels regularly. Dirt, dust, and debris can build up on solar panels and reduce their efficiency. Cleaning the panels with a soft cloth and water should be sufficient. Inspect the solar panels regularly. Look for any cracks, scratches, or other damage. If you see any damage, contact […]