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Electrical energy constitutes a significant portion of expenses for industries and commercial spaces. Ashone Technologies recognizes the importance of efficient energy utilization. With over 5 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions to optimize energy consumption, preventing overuse and underuse.

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people die in electrical accidents in businesses in India every year.
0 %
of electrical accidents in industries in India occur among workers.
0 %
of electrical fires in India are caused by faulty wiring.
Electrical failures can have a profound and multifaceted impact on businesses. They can lead to significant operational disruptions, often halting production lines, disabling critical equipment, and causing data loss that can take days or weeks to recover. It also leads to reputational damage. That’s why Proactive electrical consultancy and regular maintenance are thus essential to safeguard the company’s physical assets and its financial health, employee safety, and brand reputation.
We mitigate hazards

Our Comprehensive Energy Consultation Services


Reduce your unit consumption and conserve electrical energy at the same time.


Take control of your energy usage with a well-designed electrical system.


A well-designed electrical system to power your home or business safely and reliably.

Why Do You Need Electrical Consultation?

Better Decisions

We offer expert electrical consultancy services to help you make informed project decisions.

Electrical Work

From installations to repairs, we ensure high-quality work that meets all industry standards.


We Manage communications with regulatory bodies to ensure necessary approvals.

Safety Audit

We ensure your electrical systems are not only up to code but also uphold the highest standards of safety.

Scope we cover

Proactive Risk Management

Ashone Technologies is a pioneer in preemptive risk management, deploying meticulous attention to detail to foresee and mitigate potential electrical hazards. We ensure your projects are safe from the get-go, preserving integrity and reliability.

Regulatory Compliance

Our consultancy adheres to the strictest regulatory standards, ensuring that your electrical systems are compliant and set benchmarks for industry practices, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Reporting

We deliver detailed reporting encapsulating every aspect of your electrical systems, providing clear insights and actionable intelligence for informed decision-making.

Unparalleled Expertise

Boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team of experts brings unmatched proficiency, turning complex electrical challenges into efficient, workable solutions.

Peace of Mind

With Ashone Technologies, rest assured that your electrical consultancy needs are in the hands of experienced professionals, granting you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is executed flawlessly.

Cost-effective Strategies

Our strategic approach is designed to optimize your electrical infrastructure investments, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality or performance.

Why us

Electrical Consultation

Ashone’s consultancy covers comprehensive services, including system design, compliance consultation, project management, and safety assessments.
Our consultancy identifies areas for improvement, suggests upgrades for efficiency and safety, and ensures compliance with current electrical standards.
Ashone’s consultants work on a wide range of projects, including commercial buildings, industrial setups, and specialized electrical infrastructures.
We adhere to strict quality control standards, employ certified professionals, and use cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest safety and quality in our electrical designs.
Absolutely. Our consultancy services aim to enhance system efficiency, leading to significant energy and cost savings.
Engagement begins with a consultation to understand your needs, followed by a detailed proposal, project planning, and execution with continual support.
Our team regularly undergoes training and stays abreast of industry advancements to ensure our services align with the latest standards and technologies.
Our consultants are highly qualified, holding relevant degrees and certifications, and possess extensive experience in the electrical engineering field.
Yes, we focus on sustainable solutions, including energy-efficient designs and eco-friendly materials, to reduce environmental impact.
Expert electrical consultancy ensures efficiency, safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness, all of which are crucial for the success of any project.